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There are many excellent consulting companies in the field of environmental technology and renewable energy, as well as in the area of financing.
Quite often however the interdisciplinary connection amongst these competences is missing, that would safeguard the best possible preparation and implementation of such projects in a (technically and economically) integrated way. EnTri Consulting offers this integrated and interdisciplinary approach.

The objective of EnTri Consulting GmbH is the connection of know-how in environmental technology, renewable energy and financing – in combination with the interconnection of the adequate partners - and to create an added value for its clients and their customers.

Such added value can be for ex. the bringing together of appropriate partners; the avoidance of unnecessary interfaces or the preparation of documents, that are suitable for a specific target-group (for ex. authorities, banks, investors, etc.) – and by doing that enabling a smooth, cost-effective and sustainable implementation of projects.