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Austrian Development Agency (ADA) provides grant for solar charger project in Ghana and Burkina Faso

Following an intense phase of working out a feasibility study in the first half year of 2015, during which150 test users of the solar charger prototypes could provide feedback about their experiences and give recommendations for improvement, our technical partner SunnyBAG GmbH has developed an updated version. These solar chargers go on sale in Europe at the beginning of 2016 under the name “PowerTAB” ( Important requests of African users, such as integration of a powerful storage battery and a strong source of light into the solar charger have been considered for the PowerTAB.All buyers will benefit from these additional features, regardless of where they are domiciled- in Europe, Africa or any other continent.

The local partner NorthLite (, that is responsible for distribution, product-education and after sales service has specifically emphasized the social component during the development phase. The economically weaker rural population in Ghana and Burkina Faso needs to be supported by a supplier-financing scheme (in the absence of any affordable external financing source in the markets). Easy access to the acquisition of our budget-friendly and durable solar chargers needs to be safeguarded. Therefore such a financing support is foreseen for our economically weaker clients.

For EnTri Consulting it was crucial that not only high-end sustainable products are sold, but also an additional source of income for the rural population that wants and needs it shall be facilitated. So far these people had to pay considerable amounts to charge their mobile phones and rechargeable batteries at external charging stations. Now the users can decide themselves to generate additional household income with provision of charging services in their villages. Therefore the micro-business idea is a backbone of the project.

Last, but not least we are pleased to point out that we set also new standards in the project countries regarding the following two topics:

  • SunnyBAG offers a two years’ warranty period (other suppliers offer nothing), and
  • With an incentive system for taking back our products at the end of their lifecycle we provide an important contribution for environmental consciousness and environmental protection in Ghana and Burkina Faso.