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Austrian Development Agency (ADA) supports commercial partnership in Ghana and Burkina Faso

Partnership ENTRI (Tritscher) – NORTHLITE (Adabre) – SUNNYBAG (Ponsold)

EnTri Consulting GmbH intends to create a commercial partnership together with the dynamic start-up company SunnyBAG (, an innovative manufacturer of solar-bags from Graz/Austria, as well as NorthLite Solar Ltd. (, a leading private solar-company from Bolgatanga/Ghana.

Our common goal is to promote & strengthen micro-enterprises and socially disadvantaged households which will be equipped with handy and durable solar-chargers (developed in Austria) that enable them to
a) save mobile phone charging costs, and
b) generate own income.

Press coverage (in German language) in Austrian newspaper „Kleine Zeitung“, March 3rd.2015

Press coverage (in German language) in AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT magazine | Mai 2014

In the first phase low income rural areas in Ghana and Burkina Faso have been selected as target regions.

The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) has committed a grant for co-financing of the feasibility study, which is currently under preparation. From March 7th to 14th, 2015 a fact finding mission and start-up workshops in both countries took place. The dissemination of up to 200 solar-test-chargers has been started in the project area.