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The 10 years‘ gap in Austria’s Development Financing

“The 10 years‘ gap in Austria’s Development Financing” is the title of Klaus Tritscher’s article published on Dec. 6th, 2019 at LinkedIn.

Its content emphasizes how difficult it is for Austrian SME’s to obtain financing for their development-related African projects. It highlights excellent Austrian funding instruments, such as Austrian Development Agency’s (ADA) Business Partnership Programme, but also the necessity to look across the border to countries such as Germany for funding of further growth.

The German DEG offers interesting funding possibilities, such as the Up-Scaling programme or the AfricaConnect initiative. Tritscher suggests that - after an initial ADA business partnership grant for the market entry - Austrian SME’s will have to utilize foreign funding sources for about 10 more years before being eligible for the next Austrian development financing institution, the Austrian Development Bank (OeEB).

Due to the specific Austrian / German content the article is only available in German language.