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Grant-Advisory, international Funding and Risk Mitigation

Our Services in Detail:

Grants / Subsidies


  • Structuring of optimum financing solutions for projects abroad
  • Consulting regarding closure of financial gaps
  • Support in applications and administration


  • Consulting regarding risksyndicatiog and risk-minimization

Support regarding Contracts

  • Draft and review of grant-, financing- and insurance contracts


  • Support in all negotiations

After-Sales Support

  • Support regarding reporting / notices to all financing- and insurance- institutions

EnTri Consulting GmbH supports ist customers regarding the best partners for financing and risk syndication amongst numerous institutions, such as:

  • International organizations / financing institutions (IFI’s)
  • Regional and local development banks
  • Export credit agencies (ECA’s)
  • Private insurance companies
  • Commercial banks
  • private (co-)investors

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