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Renewable Energy

The development of renewable energies is one of the main issues for the survival on our planet. The conventional energy-reserves decrease steadily. Substantial environmental damages and unforeseeable risks for living on our earth become more and more the consequences of the usage of these energy sources.

EnTri Consulting GmbH has undertaken the mission to support renewable energy projects (mainly photovoltaic power plants, small hydro-, biogas- and biomass-plants) with know-how.

Amongst others we offer the following services:

Preparation Phase:

  • Commercial and legal data research and analysis regarding the situation in a defined country (for ex. reg. tariff-regulations,)
  • Support/coordination reg. the necessary due diligence
  • Identification of suitable international and local partners (project developers, planning units, owners of real estate and suitable roofs energy providers and distributors, suppliers, investors, insurance companies, etc.)
  • Assistance in tender-preparation and participation


  • Consulting reg. Potential grants/subsidies
  • Support in regard to closing of financial gaps
  • Working out of financing concepts

Implementation Phase:

  • Procurement support for the most important components (especially from European and Asian countries)
  • Support in negotiations
  • Project-controlling and assistance in plant operation

Potential Customers for these Services:

  • Public employers, mainly institutions that are responsible for administration of public property, for ex.:
    • Building administration
    • School administration
    • Street administration and highway operators
  • Asset management institutions (such as pension-funds, institutional and private investors)
  • Financing institutes and insurance companies
  • Suppliers and distributors of energy, potential offtakers of energy
  • Owners of real estate and big roof surface areas
  • Project developers, construction companies, suppliers

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